Everyone deserves to be paid on time. Every time.

Too many care providers are getting paid late.
A top priority in Homecare contract bargaining is pushing the State to address its out-of-date payroll system. 35.4% of SEIU 503 members report having received their paycheck late due to an error by the State or PPL. This kind of systemic problem does not happen in other jobs. It’s unacceptable.

What can you do? Take action! Tell your story!

Through our Union, we have the opportunity to sit at the table with the Oregon Department of Human Services and make our voices heard. The State needs to show us the respect we deserve as workers by coming to the bargaining table with real solutions that will ensure we get paid on time, every time.

We need to tell our stories and send a message to Governor Brown and DHS Director Pakseresht that everyone deserves to be paid on time. If you are a homecare or personal support worker and have had an experience with receiving inaccurate or late pay, please tell your late pay story below. Or, if you do not have a late pay story, please sign the petition instead. We will deliver your stories and petitions directly to Governor Brown and Director Pakseresht and let them know...it’s time to fix the State’s payroll system.