SEIU 503 Internal Candidate Email and Print Mailing Requests: Additional Payment Form

Process and acceptance of terms

Please follow these steps to submit your email or mail request. Please make sure you have read and understood the following instructions before continuing:

For Email Requests: By filling out and submitting the Email Request Form, the Candidate asks that an email message be sent out by the union on their behalf, in accordance with the email procedure, and the Candidate acknowledges acceptance of this procedure.


Pre-payment required: The candidate email will not be sent until the online form is completely and properly filled out and pre-payment of $49.00 has been processed online. When the information is complete, and the pre-payment has been processed, the form will be time-stamped and be placed in the queue for processing.


Turnaround time: Requests will be processed in the order in which they are submitted. Requests for specific timing, delayed releases, or repeated releases cannot be honored. The target time frame to complete requests is within five working days.


Preparing Candidate Emails: Recipients will see the following:

From: (Candidate Name) via SEIU 503 elections

Sent: (Date)

To: (Recipient name)

Subject: [Candidate Name] (email subject provided by candidate)


Language added to all messages: Boilerplate Disclaimer, Opt-out, Home Email, and Confidentiality language is added to the email message (see below). Other than those additions, message content or formatting will not be changed from what is submitted by the Candidate. Minimal changes in formatting may occur due to software incompatibility between the sender and recipient; which the Union cannot predict or fix. SEIU Local 503 uses the Pardot email platform for candidate email distributions.


Recipient addresses: In accordance with law, candidate messages will be sent only to home email addresses. Member home email fields in our database are “cleansed” as much as possible of Employer email addresses.


Recipient group: Emails or mailings will be sent to all voters in the candidate’s election pool of voters unless otherwise directed. Requests may also be directed to one of the following narrower pools of voters which are readily programmable in the database:

  • All of the members of a specific sub-local (Please note: Candidates may not target narrower segments of a sub-local. DHS Sub-local 200 may only be targeted in its entirety.)
  • All union officers (statewide and sub-local officers)
  • All CAPE contributors
  • People who voted in the most recently held Sublocal election
  • People who voted in the most recently held Statewide Officer election
  • Board employment group (Board sector) from Bylaws Appendix 1
  • Board region from Bylaws Appendix 1
  • Preferred language

Please note that requests to target more than two narrower pools of voters in an email must be submitted as two separate requests.


Cost to candidate: Candidates will be charged at cost – in this case mostly programming costs (at $49/hour), with a minimum of one-hour set-up time per request. Payment is due before the email message can be sent. Costs, if any, above the minimum amount will be invoiced to the candidate and must be paid before additional message requests will be honored.


Formatting: SEIU 503 places no restrictions on file size, formatting, or content. However, many email systems filter out overly large, heavily formatted, or otherwise unusual emails as spam. Differences between sender and receiver software may result in slight modifications to the formatting of your message. Candidates must submit their message as an attached file in Rich Text Format/RTF, .TXT, or Microsoft Word .DOC or .DOCX file formats. PDFs will not be accepted. Customized formatting (e.g. bolding, italics, underlining, font colors) is not retained when input into the email system. Candidates should avoid customized formatting or understand that it may not be included in the message to voters. SEIU Local 503 will not take any steps to edit the formatting of any candidate’s message. Candidates may include links to other resources in their message, but may not send attached files (such as a PDF flyer). SEIU 503 is not responsible for testing web links or ensuring that embedded link formatting is maintained. 

Opt out: Recipients may opt out of receiving candidate emails. (See Opt-Out Instructions, below.)


Replies: SEIU 503 will not be responsible for routing replies to candidates: if candidates wish to receive replies, they must specify how to reply in the body of their message. The dummy address in the “From” line will send an automated reply stating that it is NOT an official candidate email address and is NOT being checked or forwarded, and will request they contact the candidate via other means.

This DISCLAIMER will be inserted at the beginning of all candidate emails sent out by SEIU Local 503:

DISCLAIMER: This email contains campaign materials provided solely by a candidate for elected office within SEIU Local 503. Local 503 is distributing this campaign material solely because of its obligation under federal labor law to do so. See below for full disclaimer.

The following paragraphs will be included at the end of all candidate emails sent out by SEIU Local 503:


DISCLAIMER: This e-mail contains campaign materials from a candidate for elective office within SEIU Local 503. Local 503 is distributing this campaign material solely because of its obligation under Federal labor law to do so -- for this candidate, or any other candidate for elective office, who requests such a distribution. By distributing this material, SEIU Local 503 does not endorse this, or any other, candidate for office and is not responsible for any of the content of any candidate’s message. All materials contained in the candidate’s message were prepared by, and are solely the responsibility of, the candidate. Under applicable law, Local 503 is precluded from editing, altering or otherwise interfering with the candidate’s message.

PRIVACY PROTECTIONS: In keeping with our SEIU 503 Member Information Confidentiality Policy, candidates are not provided with members’ e-mail addresses. Instead, candidates are required to submit their campaign materials to Local 503 for distribution in their unedited and unaltered form.


OPT OUT OPTION: If you do not want to receive any further email from this (or any other) candidate, please click the link at the bottom of this message to unsubscribe:


HOME E-MAIL ONLY: SEIU Local 503 has used its best efforts to purge from this distribution all “Employer mail” addresses. If, however, you have received this e-mail at an e-mail address that is not your own personal e-mail address but is, instead, an “Employer” e-mail address, please notify SEIU 503 by forwarding this email to with the words “Employer email” in the subject line.


RESPONDING TO CANDIDATES: If you wish to respond to an e-mail you have received from any candidate, please note that SEIU Local 503 will not forward that response to the candidate. Providing a means of response is solely the responsibility of the candidate.


For Mail Requests: By filling out and submitting the Mail Request Form (link below), the Candidate requests for a mailing to be sent out by the union on their behalf, in accordance with the procedure, and the Candidate acknowledges acceptance of this procedure.


Mail Procedure: The Union will comply with all reasonable requests of any candidate to distribute campaign literature to membership at the candidate’s expense. Candidates are responsible for printing their own materials and sending or delivering them to the Union Headquarters in Salem, OR. Upon receiving candidate materials, the Union will label and send out the materials at the candidate’s expense.


Pre-payment required: Candidates must submit the online form listed above to submit their mailing request, indicating whether the request is to be sent to all eligible voters or a specific identifiable group of voters, and must pre-pay $49.00 for one hour of staff time at the time the request is submitted. This pre-payment shall reimburse the Union for staff resources used to review the request, compile the requested distribution list(s) and calculate the staff time, label and mailing cost, which will be provided in a quote to the candidate. The candidate must pre-pay the entire quote for labeling and postage. If staff time to process the order exceeds one hour, the candidate must pay for the actual time incurred at a rate of $49.00 per hour. If additional staff time for processing an order accrues after the full estimated pre-payment, the candidate will be invoiced and no additional message requests will be honored until the invoice has been fully paid. The use of email is recommended to reduce the amount of time and expense a candidate will incur for special mailing requests.


Turnaround time: Requests for mailing quotes will be processed in the order in which they are submitted and a 2-3 work day turn-around time is the target, though additional time may be required. After full payment for the quote is received, materials will be labeled and mailed in the order in which payment was received. As mail requests may take longer, email requests may be utilized by candidates if they desire their communication to be processed within a 5 workday turnaround time.

Email or Print Mailing Request Form: Additional Payment Only


Charge will appear on your statement as 'SEIU 503 Candidate Email or Mailing Request'