Order Request Form

Thank you for submitting your order request to the Field Support Team at SEIU Local 503.

If you are working on one event and will need additional support for the same event please check all request boxes that apply. Example: Setting up a member meeting where you will need catering and interpretation - Check the Event Request, Catering Request and Interpretation/Transcription Request to give us all of the information at once. Thank you!
Catering Request
(Ex. 3 Vegetarian, 2 Gluten Free)
Please make sure your recipients know that they will be receiving an email from GrubHub granting them credits to use on this day and between the hours of 4 AM and 11:59 PM. If they do not use them during this timeframe we are not able to re-issue them.  
Credits will be authorized for food delivery between 4 AM and 11:59 PM on the date requested.
Ex. $25 per person
Lodging Request
Deposit/Credit Card at Check-In. Members must follow hotel policies regarding providing a credit card for incidentals or deposits. For large events, when possible, union staff will try to develop agreements with hotels to turn off incidentals, but in many areas this is not possible. When asked by hotel staff to provide a card for incidentals or deposit, union members must be prepared to follow hotel policy and provide a card.
Note for staff: "no one to share with" can only be determined by support staff. Please select to either not share, be assigned a roommate or name a roommate of your choosing. This does not apply to staff on the approved single list.
Travel Request
Note: Each person traveling must complete their own travel request so we have the correct contact information when making arrangements. 
(ex: 1/1/2020 5:30p)
(ex: 1/1/2020 5:30p)
SEIU 503 Conference Attendance and Responsibility Agreement
To ensure SEIU 503 members who participate in meetings, trainings and conferences fully participate in the program of the event(s) and to ensure union resources are used judiciously in order to further the mission of our union to create a more just and vibrant society. 

By participating in an approved event, SEIU 503 members gain a greater understanding of unions and social justice values and are inspired to engage more fully in moving our union forward.

The Board (or Sublocal Officers) approves funding for participants.
Participants are required to register and make travel arrangements through the union. In addition, in accordance with our Administrative Policies and Procedures (AP&P) Article VI, Section 20 (d & e), participants must attend the entire function, unless there are parts deemed optional; and members must present an oral report to whomever funded their participation (Board, Sublocal, Committee) within 60 days of their return at the next regularly scheduled meeting, unless the presiding officer permits an extension. Participants will sign a statement acknowledging their responsibilities to attend all sessions and to provide an oral report upon return.

Participants who do not fully participate in the meeting/conference/program may be subject to repayment of costs related the event (registration fees, travel, lodging, meals, etc.) to make the union whole.

Note: Staff are required to attend the entire function, unless there are parts deemed optional; and must meet all other requirements as laid out in the AP&P, PERU Contract and as arranged with their supervisor.

Legal Gender 
Per Airline Websites, only Female/Male are options even though Oregon recognizes a gender-neutral ID. If possible, you should try to bring an ID to the airport with a gender marker that matches the one submitted here to the airline. You should also plan to allow for extra time for TSA officials to verify your identity.
Note for staff: "no one to share with" can only be determined by support staff. Please select to either not share, be assigned a roommate or name a roommate of your choosing. This does not apply to staff on the approved single list.
(ex: 1/1/2020 5:30p)
(ex: 1/1/2020 5:30p)
Rental Car Gas Refueling Agreement
The expectation for rental cars is that the driver will refill the gas tank to the same level it was when picking up the rental car. Any refueling charges from the rental company may be billed to the driver. 
Data Entry Request
This request type is for Data Entry Projects or other special requests. Requests for IT, Data, Production or Comms support should be submitted by staff using the internal ticket system. This is not for event requests - Check the box above for Event Request and answer those questions on the form. Thank you!
Event Request

Do you need to fill out this form? Please refer to the following guidelines: 

·         Events are considered:

o   Any event where an SEIU registration form is requested/needed.

o   Groups of any size where lodging will be required. 

o   Groups of more than 30 people meeting at a SEIU Office.

o   Groups of any size who need a meeting location under contract.

·         This does not apply to member meetings that take place at local worksites or meetings that are under 30 people that do not need lodging or an alternate venue.


OK, I definitely need to fill out this form! When should I do it?


·       Events in an SEIU Office - 3 weeks prior to the event

·       Events outside of the office - Under 40 Participants - 6 weeks prior to the event

·       Events outside of the office - 40-75 Participants - 2 months prior to the event

·       Events outside of the office - more than 75 Participants - 3-4 Months prior to the event

Event Info
(what you want attendees to see in the registration)
(ex: 1/2/2017 1:00pm)
(ex: 1:00pm)
(ex: 1/2/2017)
(ex: 1:00pm)
Registration info: 
(ex: 1/2/2017)
If you are requesting virtual break out rooms you will be responsible for setting up and managing these breakout rooms during the event unless previous arrangements are made with the Event Strategist. 
What is your total logistics budget for this event? Note: The Lodging Cut Off Date for attendees will be 2 business days prior to when the lodging list must be submitted to the hotel. Registration can continue after that date until the hotel deadline to submit meal count numbers.
Catering, Lodging and Interpreter Requests - If you need any other services for this event, make sure you also fill out a request also! (Please go back to the top of this form now, check the additional requests you need and submit these at the same time!)
Interpreter/Transcription Request
examples: 1:00pm, 1pm, 12:59p, 1259p
# of hours/portion of hours, e.g.: 3, 1.5, 2.25
examples: 1:00pm, 1pm, 12:59p, 1259p
enter a number -- if it's a range, pick the higher number
If your meeting has any supporting materials (presentations, notes, etc) please email those to orders@seiu503.org and reference the meeting name, start date and start time.