SEIU 503 Internal Candidate Print Mailing Requests

Process and acceptance of terms

This form is for print mailing requests only. To request an email, please submit this form:

Please follow these steps to submit your print mail request. Please make sure you have read and understood the following instructions before continuing:

Recipient group: Emails or mailings will be sent to all voters in the candidate’s election pool of voters unless otherwise directed. Requests may also be directed to one of the following narrower pools of voters which are readily programmable in the database:

  • All of the members of a specific sub-local (Please note: Candidates may not target narrower segments of a sub-local. DHS Sub-local 200 may only be targeted in its entirety.)
  • All union officers (statewide and sub-local officers)
  • All CAPE contributors
  • People who voted in the most recently held Sublocal election
  • People who voted in the most recently held Statewide Officer election
  • Board employment group (Board sector) from Bylaws Appendix 1
  • Board region from Bylaws Appendix 1
  • Preferred language

Please note that requests to target more than two narrower pools of voters in an email must be submitted as two separate requests.

For Mail Requests: By filling out and submitting the Mail Request Form (link below), the Candidate requests for a mailing to be sent out by the union on their behalf, in accordance with the procedure, and the Candidate acknowledges acceptance of this procedure. 

Mail Procedure: The Union will comply with all reasonable requests of any candidate to distribute campaign literature to membership at the candidate’s expense. Candidates are responsible for printing their own materials and sending or delivering them to the Union Headquarters in Salem, OR. Upon receiving candidate materials, the Union will label and send out the materials at the candidate’s expense. Labels will be printed with the recipient name and address and the message: “Sent by SEIU Local 503 on behalf of Candidate [Name] at the candidate’s expense.”

Pre-payment required: Candidates must submit the online form listed above to submit their mailing request and must pre-pay $49.00 for one hour of staff time at the time the request is submitted. This pre-payment shall reimburse the Union for staff resources used to review the request, compile the requested distribution list(s) and calculate the staff time, label and mailing cost, which will be provided in a quote to the candidate. The candidate must pre-pay the entire quote for labeling and postage. If staff time to process the order exceeds one hour, the candidate must pay for the actual time incurred at a rate of $49.00 per hour. If additional staff time for processing an order accrues after the full estimated pre-payment, the candidate will be invoiced and no additional message requests will be honored until the invoice has been fully paid. The use of email is recommended to reduce the amount of time and expense a candidate will incur for special mailing requests.

Turnaround time: Requests for mailing quotes will be processed in the order in which they are submitted and a 5 work day turn-around time (not including any days SEIU Local 503 is closed for holidays) is the target, though additional time may be required. After full payment for the quote is received, materials will be labeled and mailed in the order in which payment was received. As mail requests may take longer, email requests may be utilized by candidates if they desire their communication to be processed within a 5 workday turnaround time. 

Contact Info

If you need to submit an additional payment and union staff have already given you a specific dollar amount to pay, beyond the $49 initial payment, please do not submit this form. Go here to submit your additional payment:

Details of your request

You must submit this form separately for each target universe.

For print mailings, the initial $49 payment is for staff to evaluate the request. In order for your request to be processed, you must prepare your mailing and send all materials to Union HQ at SEIU Local 503, PO Box 12159,  Salem, OR 97309-0159 (or deliver in person to 1730 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302).

Union staff will contact you once the cost of your requested mailing is evaluated, and you will need to pre-pay the entire quote for labeling and postage before the mailing can be processed. You will be responsible for any extra cost in the event that the cost exceeds the quote. 


Your card will be charged $49. The charge will appear on your statement as 'SEIU 503 Candidate Email or Mailing Request'